Weld and Joining Pre-Treatment

Oxide and Contaminant Removal in One Step

Replace chemical cleaning – NOW

The surface cleanliness and surface quality of the components are essential for a durable and premium welded, glued or soldered connection. Laser surface preparation works on metal, plastic or coated surfaces.

The laser process removes process residue, i.e. dry lube, and oxides in one step. This creates a perfect surface for joining processes.

Adapt Laser cleaning systems are being used by leading OEMs to remove oxide from Aluminum, Titanium and other metals prior to laser welding to enable the use of higher power laser welders.

Depending on the chosen energy level, the laser can remove oxides with or without creating a surface profile.

Better adhesion values can be achieved on untreated or coated, i.e. powder coated parts after a laser surface preparation. The laser removes the top layer of the coating and all the contamination on this layer, without damaging the underlying coating. It will also achieve a micro roughness on the existing coating for a superior glue adhesion.

The laser systems can be fully integrated into existing production processes.

Adapt laser systems can:

– remove oil & grease
– remove the top layers of coatings for better adhesion
– create a surface roughness
– localized and precise surface preparation of components
– remove oxide or corrosion layers
– create superior connections
– remove stains and discoloration after welding