Motion, Distance, Temperature

Designed to Control The Hand-Held Cleaning Process

Hand-held cleaning allows for the flexibility of cleaning multiple geometries cost effectively; however, some applications such as on-aircraft use require process control to allow for the laser application to be controlled.

The Adapt Laser Systems Motion, Distance and Temperature measures up to all 3 of the mentioned variables to ensure process control through the entire cleaning process.

Motion – ensuring proper acceleration and no loitering

Distance – proper distance from the surface and not too close

Temperature – making sure a preset maximum temperature is not crossed over

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handheld laser cleaner
handheld laser cleaner


In-Line Process Control

With the Plasma sensor, our optics are able to detect if the components are clean by looking at the cleaning process in real time.  The technology allows us to control the cleaning process far more thoroughly and deliver the cleaning result you need most.

Plasma Device
Plasma Graph


Measuring Power At All Stages

Capable of being integrated into our optics and systems are in-line power measurement tools of both the diode and the optics.  By comparing the two, we can ensure proper emission, safety and quality of product at all times.

Power Measurement