Cleaning of molds for composite products

Metal mold cleaning for composite parts

Gentle and Fast – laser cleaning at its best

adapt laser technology is particularly effective for cleaning large-area molds/tools used to manufacture composite carbon fiber/glass reinforced plastic CFRP/GRP parts.

Our process is being used by most airplane manufacturers and many Tier 1 suppliers. Molds made from INVAR, nickel, steel, aluminum and high strength steel can be laser cleaned efficiently and without damage to the base material.

The adapt laser cleaning method has been established as the most cost-effective and one of the fastest option for aerospace mold cleaning. Compared to ice pellet blasting for instance, laser cleaning is considerably easier to automate, very quiet and up to 15 times faster and has significant faster operating cost.

The molds can be cleaned with hand-held lasers or by fully automated robotic systems. The largest mold currently cleaned with our lasers is over 100 ft in length.

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