Paint & Varnish Removal

Paint Removal With Laser

The use of laser technology to remove paint from mass produced objects is a great alternative to masking. Instead of masking each area that should not get painted, our laser technology can eliminate the time consuming masking process and remove paint from precisely defined areas after the whole piece was coated. Our scanner technology allows for all 2-dimensional shapes.

Partial paint removal of sensitive components, either due to their material composition or their relevance, e.g. in the aircraft industry, is also possible with laser technology.

Parts can be completely stripped or single layers of paint can be removed without damage to the substrate. This process is called selective paint removal.

The productivity of the laser paint removal process depends greatly on the type and thickness of the coating. The process is sometimes slower in comparison to conventional de-coating methods such as abrasive blasting. But one has to consider that the laser cleaning process does not damage the substrate and works residue free. Clean-up and waste disposal cost can be kept to a minimum.

The benefit of using our optics with the paint removal is the integrated suction channel allowing for capture of potentially hazardous chemicals, such as lead paint, chrome paints or other dangerous coatings. While every application is different, our systems have seen fantastic air quality results where no respirators have been needed as the particles have been contained to healthy levels.