Oxide Removal

The Faster Clean

The removal of oxides from metal substrates is one of the best applications for laser cleaning, since oxides absorb laser energy very well.
The laser will remove oxides from all kinds of metals at high speed.

Adapt Laser System cleaning lasers are being used by leading OEMs to remove oxide from Aluminum, Titanium and other metal types prior to laser welding.

Depending on the chosen energy level, the laser can remove oxides with or without creating a surface profile.

Several applications, such as glue bonding to aluminum, require an oxide free and rough surface for proper results. The laser can provide both in one step. The removal of heat stains on the other hand is possible without creating a surface roughness.

With some lightweight materials being bonded, corrosive properties of the bond line are of concern.  With the Adapt Laser Systems products, a hyper-passivation layer can be created without damaging the material yielding far greater corrosion inhibition than current processes.

Our automated brake pad cleaning machines remove rust from metal shoe-plates at a rate of over 2,000 brake pads per hour.