Our Applications Laboratory

The Ability To Test and Validate

We understand that not all applications are the same and seeing is believing. For those reasons, we have a multi-million dollar applications laboratory to test, validate and determine what is needed to solve your application.

In our lab, we have the following automated and handheld laser cleaning capabilities:

– CL100 Laser with 2D Scanner Optic
– CL100 Laser with Fiber-Fiber Coupler and OSH20 Optic
– CL300 Laser with 2D Scanner and OSH50 optics
– CL500 Laser with OSH50 and CleanCUBE optics
– CL600 Laser with OSH50 and OSA70 optics
– Motoman Robot
– UR10 Robot
– CleanCELL with CL100 Laser and 2D Scanner, X/Y/Z Gantry and Rotation Table

Through the above, we have the capacity to test almost all parameters and settings that your business solution might require!

Let Adapt Laser Systems apply our capability, expertise and know how to your cleaning problems.

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Lab Set Up 3
Lab Set Up 2
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