Optic OSA 70

Optic for Robots

The OSA 70 optic was designed for robotic applications. The optic is water cooled and can easily be attached to all common robotic systems. All internal components of the optic are accessible from the outside for fast maintenance times.


Optic OSH 50

Versatile Optic

The OSH 50 optic is the standard optic for our mid power laser. It offers a beam width of up to 2 in. and is lightweight. All laser parameters are controllable from the optic. The optic features an integrated suction channel and safety trigger.

OSH50_03 back

Optic OSH 20

Compact Optic

The OSH 20 is the standard optic for the low power laser systems. It offers great beam characteristics, such as an adjustable scanned beam-width of up to 2 in. in combination with a very small beam diameter.

The optic is very compact and light weight.


Optic OSA 80

Build for lots of power

The OSH80 optic is only hand held optic available for the CL 1000 laser. This optic is designed to handle lots of power. Designed with industrial applications in mind, this laser and optic combination gets the job done.

osh80 LED

Optic cleanCUBE 15H

Compact Optic for Mid power lasers

Compact optic for hand-held use. Great for access to hard to reach areas, since the beam exits at 90 degrees relative to the handle.


Optic cleanCUBE 15A

Compact optic, great for automated use. Can easily be attached to a robot or gantry.

OSA20 side
OSA20 lens