Lasersystem CL 1000

Most Powerful hand held laser on the market

Super powerful 1000W Nd:YAG, diode pumped, q-switched laser cleaning unit designed to deliver performance for a wide range of production intensive applications.

Features include digital controls, internal cooling, quite operations and a diode module warranted for 10,000 hours. The unit produces a robust laser beam with a maximum power output of over 800 kW per pulse.

The high beam quality allows us to get those high power levels into our high output fibers. Fiber lengths of up to 150 ft are available. Quick change systems for fibers, dual optics and other production relevant back-up systems are available.

OSA 70 optic for CL 1000 laser.

500 rob2

CL1000. Mobile, POWER.

CL 1000

OSH80 optic.